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Our Firm

Legal Knowledge, Human Touch

​​At the Law Offices of F. Peter James, we believe that family is everything. We understand difficult circumstances with family law matters can lead to seeking legal representation. These experiences can be overwhelming with many questions and concerns. During times like these, we provide the legal knowledge we know you need by always showing compassion.


We will work diligently and out of the box to resolve your divorce, custody, child and spousal support issues. Each family and situation is unique in its own right. The law is the foundation, but it is intentionally vague in many areas.  Our goal is to make the law work for you and your personal circumstance. One of our priorities at the Law Offices of F. Peter James is to offer unbiased evaluations of the case to better inform and prepare each client and prospective client for the journey ahead. This is your family, your life. Call today to schedule a consultation and see for yourself if we are a good fit for you.

Attorney:  F. Peter James, Esq.

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