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Adoption of a Minor Child and an Adult     
     Adoption is the few times of joy the Family Court Judges have.  Instead of dividing families, they are bringing them together.  Peter has completed adoptions in step-parent adoptions and adoption of adults.  

     For a step-parent adoption of a minor child, there must generally either be no other parent (usually deceased or the parental rights were terminated) or the other parent must relinquish parental rights for a step-parent to adopt.  The State wants two parents responsible for a child to prevent the child from being dependent on the State.  The relinquishment can be done in the adoption case if the parent is willing to relinquish his/her parental rights.
      Adoption of an adult is uncommon and is usually ceremonial in nature.  Peter has done adult adoptions where the step-parent raised the child and the child now wants the relationship formalized as parent / child.  For the adoption of an adult, there need be no relinquishment or termination of parental rights.
     F. Peter James, Esq. has extensive experience in adoption, including adult adoption.

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