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Contempt of Court     
     When orders are entered, such as in an alimonydivorce, child custody, or child support matter, parties are expected to comply with the orders.  If a party fails to comply with the orders, then that party is subject to contempt of court.
     What can happen if someone is in contempt of court?  Contempt is punishable by up to a $500 fine, up to 25 days in jail, and an award of attorney's fees against the disobedient party.  
     Peter has prosecuted and defended countless contempt matters.  Filing for contempt of court has very strict procedural requirements.  Most attorneys do not follow the proper procedures, which can be fatal to a request for contempt.  Non-attorneys have a severe disadvantage when they prosecute and defend contempt matters as even many attorneys do not follow the proper procedures.
     Sometimes a party violates orders and the other party should not file for contempt.  Courts disfavor some requests for contempt even though the orders were violated.  Court favor other remedies in such situations.  It takes extensive experience to understand which violations are sanctionable by contempt and which are not.  With his extensive experience in contempt of court, Peter can help protect your rights in such proceedings.

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