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Temporary Protection Orders


      Temporary Protection Orders ("TPO") are issued when sufficient cause exists to believe a person is a victim of domestic violence.  The standard for issuance of a TPO is probable cause, which is lower than the standard "more likely than not" standard of preponderance of the evidence.  TPOs are issue by the Domestic Violence Commissioner at Family Court (for people related to each other or for those who have a qualifying relationship) and at Justice Court (for people not related to each other and without a qualifying relationship).  

       A TPO can impact a person's life by forcing them out of his/her house, limiting where the person can go (which might include his/her employment), restricting visitation with children and other child custody rights, removing the right to have a firearm, and many more areas.  Violation of a TPO can result in civil contempt, criminal contempt, and violating a TPO is a misdemeanor (punishable by up to 6 months in jail).  

       Peter has represented TPO Applicants and TPO Adverse Parties for over 15 years.  If you need a TPO or had one filed against you, Peter can assist you.

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