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Name Change


   Sometimes people wish to change their names or the names of their children.  Both require a judicial order to change a name (save for name change upon marriage).  Filing paperwork in court and complying with the unforgiving procedures can be daunting for a non-attorney.  

     Nevada law permits a person to change his/her first, middle, and/or last name--same for children.  As a child name change is a legal custody decision, the other parent with joint legal custody must approve the name change.  If a parent has sole legal custody, that parent does not need permission of the other parent, but must notify the parent of the name change.  

      Peter has handled countless name changes for adults, children, and families.  Peter offers competitive rates for name changes.  It is better to have a licensed attorney handle a name change than someone unlicensed who says he/she "knows how to do it."  

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