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Set Asides of an Order / Decree
    Often times an order or decree is entered against someone when that person was unaware that litigation was proceeding against them.  Sometimes a person ignores or otherwise does not respond to being served papers and a default order / decree is entered.  Such orders could involve child custody, child support, and divorce (including an alimony award).  

     There is a remedy available to undo the order / decree--a set aside.  The standard to receive a set aside can be tough to meet.  The requirements are very technical sometimes.  Many top-notch attorneys and judges do not fully understand the law surrounding set asides. 

      Countless times, Peter has educated his colleagues and judges on set aside law.  Some of the issues could be service of process, excusable neglect, fraud upon the court, and many other reasons.  If a request to set aside is unsuccessful, the next course of action is to appeal.  

      With his intricate knowledge of set aside law, Peter can assist you in requesting a set aside and in defending against one.

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