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Termination of Parental Rights
    Termination of parental rights ("TPR") is the civil death penalty.  Termination of parental rights typically occurs when there is parental fault and CPS gets involved.  TPR also occurs in adoptions when one or both parents relinquish / terminate their rights to a child. 

   A common misconception is that parents can terminate their rights to get rid of a child support obligation.  This is incorrect.  Unless there is parental fault, courts will not just terminate a parent's rights even if the parents wants the rights terminated.  The State has an interest in two parents being responsible for paying for a child's care so that the State does not wind up paying for it.

     Peter handles termination of rights only when CPS is not involved and where an adoption is involved.  The typical situation is where a parent remarries and the other parent is barely involved.  The step-parent often wants to adopt, so the other natural parent relinquishes (terminates) his/her parental rights with the step-parent becoming the other parent (adoptive parent).  

     If you are considering terminating your rights for an adoption, Peter can explain the process and protect your rights (such as child support arrears).  
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