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     Paternity is basically who the father of a child is.  Men often wonder if they are actually the father of a child or not.  The mother knows if any other man could possible be the father.  This is different than child custody, which comes after paternity is established.

      Under currently Nevada law, a DNA test stating someone is the father establishes conclusive, irrebuttable proof that that person is the child's father (save for an identical twin of the presumptive father taking the DNA test).   Either parent may request a DNA test.  

      Paternity becomes complicated when paternity is presumptively established.  When a married woman gives birth, the husband is presumed to be the natural father.  If a mother gives birth and she and the presumptive father sign an affidavit of paternity, then that man is presumed to be the child's natural father.

       Peter is well-versed in Nevada's paternity laws and has been litigating these issues for over 15 years.  If you have a paternity issue, Peter can assist you.

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