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Annulment of a Marriage
     Annulment and divorce are very different in purpose and procedure even though both will make you a single person again.  Divorce ends the marriage, but the marriage happened.  Annulment legally makes it so the marriage never happened.  As such, annulment is disfavored by the courts and has an extremely high standard for one to be awarded.
     Some marriages are void and some are voidable.  Examples of void marriages are when you marry someone while already married to another person, when you marry someone too closely related (like a first cousin), and when you are underage when you marry.  These are the easiest types to get annulled as the bases for annulment are black and white.  Examples of voidable marriages are when there was some sort of fraud / misrepresentation that goes to the heart of marriage, such as a spouse lying about wanting kids, not disclosing a drug addiction, lying about his/her sexual preference, immigration fraud, and the like.  
     Peter has extensive experience in annulment cases--both prosecuting and defending against them.

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