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Relocation with a Minor Child

     When a parent moves away from where the other parent lives, litigation can be heartbreaking and hard fought.  Peter has extensive experience in both obtaining relocations and defending against them.  The legal citations in a relocation motion Peter files are typically over 18 pages long, which illustrates how complicated relocation law actually is in Nevada.  Peter has prevailed for his clients in myriad trials on both sides of the relocation issue.

     Nevada law on relocation is constantly changing and is still unsettled since the law changed in 2015 with AB263.  Relocation law is constantly being changed / updated.  Peter has kept up with the changes and has pointed out holes in the current law to the judges and to both the Supreme Court of Nevada and the Nevada Court of Appeals.  Peter keeps up with the new changes and takes extensive notes on the recent case and statutory law.

     With his extensive background in appeals, Peter knows how to present the proper arguments and evidence to not only prevail, but also to be upheld on appeal.  Most attorneys who file relocations do not cite the proper law and fail to provide the evidence the courts need to make a ruling on relocation.

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