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Grandparent and Other Non-Parent Visitation Rights     
      Nevada allows grandparents and other non-parents to have visitation rights under very limited circumstances.  Parents have a fundamental right to raise their children and to determine who is allowed and not allowed to visit with their them.   
            The right to this visitation is strictly construed, but Peter is well versed in this area of law and has done a comprehensive legislative history, which enabled him to understand the history and development of this right in Nevada.  More than three times during oral argument at hearings, Peter has educated different judges as to the law on grandparent and other non-parent visitation rights.  
             Some common situations where grandparent and other non-parents are awarded visitation are:

  • When a grandparent's child dies and the other parent of their grandchildren will not permit visitation;

  • When a step-parent divorces the parent of a step-child and the parent will not let the step-parent have visitation; and

  • When the parents of step-siblings divorce and the children want to see each other.

          There are many other situations when grandparents and other non-parents can be awarded visitation with a child over the objection of a parent.  Peter can walk you through the process to see if you qualify for visitation.​

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