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Appeals / Writ Petitions / Review by a Higher Court


     When a trial court enters a decision that you disagree with, there are ways to have it reviewed by a higher court.  Appeals are generally for final orders--Decrees, final rulings on post-decree motions.  Writ petitions are the mechanism to review decisions that are not final orders.  Peter will go over these options with you if you wish to have a trial court decision reviewed by a higher court.

     Appeals / writ petitions are generally tough to win; however, Peter has prevailed in many appeals / writ petitions.  Peter has filed and briefed many dozens of appeals / writ petitions and has the experience to soundly advise on the merits of a review by a higher court.  Peter is honest and direct with clients and prospective clients on the chances on appeal.  Quite often, he advises against appealing / filing a writ petition due to the low chances of success.  

     Peter is experienced in appealing / filing writ petitions in family law, civil litigation, and criminal law.  Peter has filed many dozens of appeals and writ petitions and has a stellar record as to outcome on appeal.

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